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Who Are They?

They are a beauty-focused e-commerce company, therefore we are aware of how delicate the topic of authentic products may be. Every person has a right to the maximum experience of using premium, genuine goods that inspire confidence. Cosmetic Candy was established to close the gap left by the absence of reliable internet stores and to win over hearts.


Case Study

SEO Report


Al Karim Fabrics CMO

Living up to their namesake - Conversions! At the start of 2022, they started with out paid campaigns (Google + Social Media) to increase our revenue by a whopping 155.27% in the second half of 2022, after which we signed up for the SEO campaign they had pitched to us, where they were able to increase organic traffic by 31.95% and organic revenue by 33.50%, just in the 1st quarter of signing up. We have been satisfied clients ever since!

Cosmetic Candy CEO

We wanted to showcase all of our brands' and products from various other local and international brands we are the licencesed distributor for in Pakistan, on one online store in order to gain maximum products' online sales. Conversions Digital undertook this project and built the brand up from scratch, from where on out they were able to exponentially increase our brand reputation online and generated massive sales from the online store, using both paid and organic mediums. Highly recommended!

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